Andjelka Ducic

About me



Hi, my name is Andjelka and I am a marketing geek. Internet is my playground and laptop is my favorite accessory. I specialized in Internet marketing, social media management, PR, content creation and online communication in general. Also, I am a huge coffee lover and even have a blog about coffee.

If you can’t recognize me, I am probably the woman at the corner table, that simultaneously types into her laptop and tablet, enjoys her fifth coffee and applies makeup while thinking of new creative campaigns.

My Facebook status: looking for new challenges. If you have an exciting project on your hands, idea or business venture, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you need an advice regarding Internet marketing strategies, social media management, content creation or something similar, I’d be happy to help. And if you are looking for the place to have the perfect cup of coffee, I know just the right spot!

I work with a team of quality people (designers, programmers, content creators…) with one goal in mind – to increase your digital presence to a new level and achieve your business goals.

Our services include complete digital support for your business, which includes website development and redesign, content creation for the website (in English and Serbian, but we also hire interpreters for other languages if needed), SEO, complete digital marketing solutions (social media management, AdWords campaigns, remarketing, affiliate marketing), but also offline support, event management and reporting.

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